Our Mission


The Lower Makefield-Yardley Democratic Committee is the official organization of the Democratic Party representing registered Democrats residing in Lower Makefield Township (LMT) or Yardley Borough (YB).  Our all-volunteer group cares deeply about the governance of our community. We are dedicated to keeping Lower Makefield Township and Yardley Borough outstanding communities in which to live and work, for us and future generations.



The mission of the Lower Makefield-Yardley Democratic Committee is to serve our community by advancing the policies and people that represent Democratic values. As such, our goal is to achieve a Democratic majority in all governing institutions, starting at the local level.


Our shared vision is that Lower Makefield Township and Yardley Borough be governed by progressive leaders who believe in transparency and have a true commitment to serve all residents.

In order to implement our vision, we:

  • Advocate – for policies and actions that maintain and improve our community’s high quality of life and that promote respectful, responsive, open, efficient and accountable government at all levels.
  • Act – to support Democratic candidates and activities that share our common values and vision for a better today and tomorrow in our community, county, commonwealth and nation.
  • Inform – voters and residents about political candidates and issues that affect our community, county, commonwealth and nation.


We support candidates who care about:

  • The well-being of others
  • Quality and affordable healthcare for all
  • Sustainable environment and preserved Open Space
  • Highest quality public education
  • Living wages for productive, meaningful jobs
  • Safe home, work, school and play environments
  • Equal protection under the law
  • Truth and integrity in public office
  • Government that serves all people
  • The power of government for the public good and a positive strength of democracy
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