Committee People

Committee People are the duly elected representatives of the Democratic Party for each voting precinct.  Two persons are elected by the Democratic voters in their respective precincts and serve for 4 years.

Typical duties include greeting and informing voters prior to elections and at the polls, canvassing for and with candidates, and observing the election day process including the vote counts.  Voters can contact their Committee Persons for information on upcoming elections and candidates, securing absentee ballots and registration forms, and for other questions or concerns relating to the local government and services.

North 1
Renee Donahey
Amanda Soloway

North 2
Joe Sundeen
Amy Wassum

North 3
Joanne Lewis
Phil Lewis

North 4
David Auslander
Fred Childs

North 5
Art Cohn
Zach Rubin

North 6
Sandi Fein
Doreen Kaplan

South 1
Bill Firestone
Vacant (Volunteer sought)

South 2
Bonnie Piestrak
Hannelore McKenna

South 3
Philip Fredenreich
MaryAnn Edwards

South 4
Christian Schwartz
Carl Lang

South 5
Carol Carter
Patrick Ahl

South 6
Deb Little
John Lloyd

South 7
Paul Roden
Marie Rosenberg

South 8
Ann-Marie Delworth
Vacant (Volunteer sought)

South 9
Mitch Goldberg
Mitch Marder

Tom Wells
Rich Wayne

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